Unleashing the Leader Within


Great companies know that employee engagement and emotional intelligence increase productivity and create winning business cultures. As new generations of employees enter the workforce, attention to workplace culture is no longer an option. Inspired, thoughtful leadership is essential.

Our clients hire us to strengthen current executives and develop high potential employees using custom-designed programs that drive measurable improvements in leadership.

One of these programs is Unleashing the Leader Within -- a 3-day retreat designed to accelerate careers through deep development and give people the insight and courage to get out of their comfortable ruts and become truly great leaders.


Spring 2020 - April 26-29, 2020

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For more information, please contact:

Jeff Grip, program lead: (410) 356-8122 or jeff [at] strattalent.com
Steve Sherwood, program designer: stephen [at] strattalent.com


Unleashing The Leader Within

Driven to Make a Difference

Unleashing the Leader Within is designed to immediately improve leadership performance through a unique combination of developmental assessment, guided self-examination and on-the-job follow up to ensure that learnings "stick."

Graduates of Unleashing the Leader Within experience rapid career advancement as well as increased balance and rhythm both at work and home. They identify and tackle challenging initiatives that drive significant bottom line results. They do this by engaging and leading their colleagues.

Building the Foundation for Long-Term Leadership Growth

Why does Unleashing the Leader Within succeed where other leadership development plans fall short?

We go deeper. During the 3 day workshop retreat, participants explore core strengths and break through barriers to success. After the retreat, your coach meets with you by phone and at your workplace to ensure the insights are translated into real action.

We change thinking, not just behavior. Participants use insights to avoid comfortable, automatic thinking. Instead they learn to make more conscious decisions that lead to desired results.

We create high-profile success. Learning is not limited to the classroom as leaders are challenged to bring new found skills to real-life projects and are coached and evaluated in the work setting - extending learning beyond the retreat.