Team Assessment and Alignment

Team Assessment

A strong leadership team is critical to business success. STS knows what teams need to reach their goals and how to put them on a path toward higher performance. Our leadership team assessment and alignment process yields targeted, actionable feedback for both leaders and the team, using coaching techniques that drive them to achieve great results.


Team Assessment

Most people are able to describe what a high performing team looks like, but struggle to accurately describe the gaps between their team and this ideal. The team assessment process encourages team members to reflect on how the team is working together, and offers targeted feedback to team members. Our work starts with understanding your company’s strategy, goals, and processes, allowing us to assess the team’s strengths and weaknesses against their deliverables. What sets the STS approach apart is the sense of shared purpose we help teams realize.

Team Coaching

The promise of a team is that its value is greater than the sum of its parts – individual performance rises as a result of being on a great team. The truth is, this is rarely the case. The full potential of many teams often remains locked away by distractions and disconnections, poor habits and inefficiency, and good people working at cross purposes. The STS team coaching model embraces a feedback-rich, highly interactive process that requires each team member to shape the direction for the team’s work moving forward. With both team and individual goals established, the team works through real business issues under the guidance of a team coach, strengthening the unit, providing real-time opportunities for development and, most importantly, improving the team’s performance.