Talent Management and Succession Planning

Talent Management

Companies need a bench with the right future leaders who can drive their business plans forward. Our approach to talent management begins with your strategy and ends with a refined people and leadership plan. We help your leaders uncover organizational competencies and make sure you have the right people for those pivotal and critical roles that play such a big role in driving success.


High Potential Development Program

Developing your current and future leaders requires a deep understanding of how development happens on the job. We work with your team to build customized Leadership Development programs that ensure your company has the next generation of leaders in place. These programs are tied directly to your business strategy – making sure the skills being developed are the skills your company needs to succeed today and tomorrow. Our fully integrated High Potential programs make sure each part of the program reinforces every other part of the participant’s learning and development.

Competency Development

A thoughtfully developed competency model is one of the best ways to make sure all parts of your people management process are aligned and pulling in the same direction. At STS, we can involve your senior business executives in the process, taking them through a clearly defined set of steps to create a description of the assets and skills that will drive success in your company. A model that is built by those who lead the business creates a practical tool that is useful to all, rather than an isolated initiative dismissed as not essential to company success. By combining extensive practical experience with scientific rigor, STS is uniquely equipped to help you design a competency model that drives results.

Talent Pipeline Assessment

As businesses change and grow, it can be difficult to determine how many future leaders will be needed and what new skills will be required to effectively direct your business. Our Talent Pipeline Assessment process gives you the data and guidance needed to bring a disciplined approach to these complicated challenges. STS makes sure that your business has quality people and key talent in the right roles right now, and creates a People Plan for a successful future.

Action Learning

Since most development happens on the job, the STS approach supports growth that happens at work. Action Learning (or Project Based Development) provides the opportunity for your best and brightest to develop new skills and knowledge with other high-potential employees, all while working on mission-critical projects. Action Learning is a highly effective way for senior management to provide mentoring and visibility as part of a structured development program that drives your company’s goals forward.

Strategic Talent Review

A Strategic Talent Review is an efficient and systematic way to check the quality and alignment of talent to determine whether a company has the right people in the right roles. Our Talent Review process builds a direct link between business strategy and goals, and the company’s talent needs. We partner with the leadership team to objectively review the company’s talent in light of what has to get done, and determine the number of people needed in the pivotal roles that will drive success within your company. Our process also improves the traditional 9-box process by assessing change leadership, a central characteristic necessary to assess future leadership potential.