Organizational and Operational Effectiveness


We use proven techniques to diagnose and improve organizational and operational effectiveness, focusing on getting results that support our clients’ business strategies. Our approach helps build leadership engagement and employee involvement in meeting objectives. Our operational effectiveness work builds alignment on the leadership behavior that drives safety, quality and reliability.


Leadership Assessment & Alignment

In order to achieve alignment on safety and quality in an organization, the management team must exhibit strong leadership behaviors that demonstrate unity around goals and strategies. The STS Leadership Assessment and Alignment process helps an operational site’s management team consistently execute the behaviors necessary to turn around performance. We strengthen and align the management team through a series of assessment interviews, feedback sessions and intensive coaching, all leading to sustained improvement in operational safety, quality and production results.

Culture Assessment & Merger Integration

Clashing cultures is one of the most commonly cited reasons that mergers and acquisitions underperform. We help companies proactively address both culture and talent issues to enable successful integration.

Although culture can seem difficult to define and change, it is one of the most important factors creating expectations among your employees. It also has a direct impact on how work gets done. The STS Culture Assessment process provides clear and actionable insight to give management the tools necessary to properly shape your culture.

A strong, aligned culture has a measurable impact on an organization’s results. From an external perspective, a strong culture enhances a company’s brand with customers and shareholders. Internally, a unifying culture helps attract and retain the talent needed to succeed, and points everyone in the same direction in good times and bad.

The STS Culture Assessment process also helps ensure that you make the right people decisions. We give you objective input on who is right for your strategy and business plan and, perhaps more importantly, who isn’t.

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement is key to getting the most out of your people and a key differentiator on business outcomes. Technology has made it relatively easy to administer engagement surveys. But an effective one is much more than simply gathering data and developing reports. STS serves as a full partner in your survey initiative by providing guidance and expertise throughout the process, from survey design to communications to administration to reporting and, finally, to individual and organizational action planning based on the results. We make sure the survey you develop measures the employee attitudes and behaviors that are critical to achieving your strategic objectives.