Leadership Assessment and Development


Our Leadership Fit Assessment process goes beyond merely identifying and developing top talent. We make sure the talent fits both your company’s culture and the job at hand. We do this by first understanding your business model and strategy, key deliverables and culture. Then we run it through the filter of our experience-based knowledge of what makes certain leadership cultures successful. The result is insightful developmental assessments that can be used to jump-start executive development.


Selection Assessment

Hiring the right person for the right job is hard. You’ve found a candidate with sterling credentials, but will they fit with your culture? Or, you’ve found the person who’s the perfect fit for the job, but do they have the depth of talent to grow to the next level? Our Leadership Fit Assessment makes sure neither of these essential qualities is neglected, helping you select the top talent that is right for your company. You’ll receive a customized report that answers the specific questions you should be asking about the candidate you hope to hire, while providing an in-depth picture of the individual, his/her strengths, weaknesses, and whether this person is likely to succeed within your culture.

Developmental Assessment

Ultimately the personal growth of an individual is in their own hands. But a business model that relies on little more than hope that your top talent will develop into what you need them to be is not an approach for today’s competitive environment. So, how do you help your top talent accelerate their development? Set clear expectations around the need for growth and give them tools to leverage their strengths in new ways while managing better around their flat spots. Our developmental assessment process is built to ensure that insight leads directly to action. We use a variety of proven strategies to push participants to make use of the feedback to develop new leadership skills and management behaviors.

Leadership Coaching

Helping top talent prepare for additional responsibility pays real dividends. An investment in leadership coaching yields the critical skills needed to accelerate your leaders to the next level. The STS coaching process is based on an understanding of the central role that on-the-job learning has in development, balanced with the knowledge that a strong connection between your top talent and our coach is essential. STS coaches foster a trusting yet focused approach, enabling straightforward conversation and the ability to challenge leaders to realize their highest potential and make a greater positive impact on the success of your business.

Executive On-Boarding

Leaders who move into a new role have a short window to build momentum and set a foundation for long-term success. The STS approach to transition coaching combines the New Leader Assimilation process with in-depth knowledge of the leader and a deep understanding of what is needed for success in the new role, and within your company’s culture. Our process also includes a structured six month transition coaching engagement that includes specific deliverables designed to track the new leader’s progress.

360 Feedback

We all can use a little help seeing ourselves more clearly. 360° feedback enhances a leader’s insight into their leadership effectiveness, strengths, weaknesses and their impact on others. This helps them recognize blind spots and refine and develop the skills they need to manage more effectively. We provide developmental recommendations that are practical and actionable, with a focus on the opportunities for growth that occur naturally at your company. Our feedback process also makes sure participants are prepared for continued learning and growth.