Corporate Services


While STS has expertise in several industries, our strategies and approach work wherever there are people leading people, people hiring people, and people working in teams looking to find that higher gear. We can help you build a talent pipeline that will motivate your high performers and improve your bottom line. Concentrating on having a deep bench is one of the things that make weak companies strong and good companies great. We can help ensure you have the people who fit both your culture and the unique demands of your business plan.

We can help your established leaders prepare for challenging new roles. We can help your teams work more productively, recognizing and leveraging the full talents of the team instead of stumbling over missed signals and cross-purposes.


"STS partners with CareerBuilder to build and help run our high potential development program. We’re now in our third year of this partnership and what sets STS apart from the rest is that they find ways to use their expertise so that it builds on what works at CareerBuilder. The assessment and action planning process is tailor-made and brings a lot of value to our insight about how to support and develop our highest potential employees.”

Brent Rasmussen
CareerBuilder North America