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STS is national in scope and centrally anchored in downtown, Chicago, IL. Drop us a line, or submit an email inquiry. We're excited to connect with you.

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Our Team

The STS team brings together professionals with diverse backgrounds, training and experience who all share one characteristic: a passion for driving results. We are trusted advisors, able to offer deep insight into how people and teams operate most effectively. We also function as coaches, helping you turn these insights into action.

Mary Jo Rogers, Ph.D.

John Philbin, Ph.D.

Anjali Banerjee

John Bausch

Andrea Burleson, Ph.D.

Brian Caffarelli

Claire Doberstein

Katelyn Downing

Ben Fearing, Ph.D.

Bruce Fisher, Ph.D.

Jeff Grip, Ph.D.

Ed Gubman, Ph.D.

Suzanne Jacob

Brian Juncker, Ph.D.

Melanie Kinser, Ph.D.

Connie Lincoln

Denise Noodwang

Jennifer Novakoske, Psy.D.

Denise Pastrick

Amie Rowe, Ph.D.

Jennifer Schellinger

Brad Smith

Neil Witmer, Ph.D.

Ann Wheeler, Ph.D.