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STS has, since its inception, worked directly with the physician leaders of today and tomorrow, helping them build the self awareness and skills they need to lead their sections, departments, divisions and hospitals as they navigate the ever-changing health-care landscape.

Our work with physicians and health care institutions is informed by our work with other professionals - attorneys, auditors, engineers, accountants—however, most physicians who find themselves in leadership roles have not received any formal training or development around how to be a leader along the way. We offer a full range of services to help these physicians hone the leadership skills required to create and maintain high-functioning teams. This includes individual physician leadership coaching, high potential leadership development, team coaching and facilitation of off-site retreats. Many of our consultants were initially trained as clinical psychologists providing a shared background that helps STS establish a trusting rapport with physicians.


We are in our 4th year of partnering with STS on our Physician Leadership Development Program. When this program was conceived, I turned to STS because they had the best people in the area of talent management and leadership development and I knew from my previous experiences with them that we would collaborate well on creating the best possible program and growth opportunities for our physicians. The program has been an unqualified success. By integrating the feedback that participants get from STS into the customized development content that STS plays a role in providing, we have created a unique and exemplary partnership. A central aspect of our program is creating a place where our doctors, who are developing as leaders, can be real as they wrestle with the challenges of leadership. STS always creates an environment in which these future leaders can relax, be themselves and grow."

Roger Formisano
Vice President of Leadership and Strategy Development
Department of Medicine, University of WI Medical Foundation

“Working with my STS coach simply exceeded my expectation. Because he fully understood the dynamics of the bank and my role there, we were able to reach new insights and develop specific actions to help me create new management routines. These tactics were always tied directly to my work, helping me to simultaneously do my job better and develop more effective executive skills. I am confident my experience with STS will have a long term impact on my ability to manage and lead.”

Joe Helweg
Senior Vice President
Bank of America

"STS was a significant part of Fermi’s improvement process. STS brought their expertise in leadership and organizational effectiveness—particularly in the nuclear business—to bear on our site’s leadership challenges. With STS’s help we transformed an Institute of Nuclear Power Operations area for improvement in teamwork and alignment into a strength in one evaluation cycle. We are so confident in the advice we receive from STS, we continue to use them today to assess potential new managers."

Jack Davis
Senior VP and Chief Nuclear Officer
DTE Energy Company

"STS partners with CareerBuilder to build and help run our high potential development program. We’re now in our third year of this partnership and what sets STS apart from the rest is that they find ways to use their expertise so that it builds on what works at CareerBuilder. The assessment and action planning process is tailor-made and brings a lot of value to our insight about how to support and develop our highest potential employees."

Brent Rasmussen
CareerBuilder - North America