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Financial Services

No industry has faced challenges comparable to those recently confronted by financial services institutions. The global economic crisis, the intensity of the competitive environment, the shifting security and regulatory challenges are only a subset of what confront our clients. In the face of this complexity the best companies recognize the value of strong leadership, the need for the right structure, and the importance of having an effective leadership team that can make the difficult decisions necessary to manage through such uncertainty. Through these challenges STS has closely partnered with some of the largest financial services companies in the world who serve the most complex and sophisticated clients, some of those companies most affected by the housing and real estate meltdown, and smaller firms serving individuals and families on main street.

"Working with my STS coach simply exceeded my expectations . Because he fully understood the dynamics of the bank and my role there, we were able to reach new insights and develop specific actions to help me create new management routines. These tactics were always tied directly to my work, helping me to simultaneously do my job better and develop more effective executive skills. I am confident my experience with STS will have a long term impact on my ability to manage and lead."

Joe Helweg
Senior Vice President
Bank of America

"What I appreciate about STS is their ability to provide behavioral science insights in an approachable fashion. STS is excellent at evaluating people’s fit with the business and giving the most incisive and useful feedback. In the nuclear arena, they are the best at assessing leadership and organizational effectiveness and figuring out what people need."

Christopher Crane
President and Chief
Operating Officer - Exelon;
President, Exelon Generation

"The consultants from STS are trusted advisors for me and my team and have been for some time. Although they are objective outsiders, STS takes time to weave themselves into the fabric of our company. They understand our business and get to know our team dynamics and, as a result, they bring informed and objective opinions about what we need to do and how we can become a stronger organization. Every time we work with STS we see a big return on the investment. They have gained the respect of our entire team."

Mike Valentine
Baxter Credit Union

"STS partners with CareerBuilder to build and help run our high potential development program. We’re now in our third year of this partnership and what sets STS apart from the rest is that they find ways to use their expertise so that it builds on what works at CareerBuilder. The assessment and action planning process is tailor-made and brings a lot of value to our insight about how to support and develop our highest potential employees."

Brent Rasmussen
CareerBuilder - North America